What is Clubhouse? Viral Invite-Only Chat App Explained.


Clubhouse is a new type of invitation-only Social Networking Application for iOS and Android users. Based on voice-only, where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.

Clubhouse logo
Clubhouse logo

What actually happens there?

When you open the app you can see “rooms” with the topic on which full of people talking. All open so you can hop in and out, exploring different conversations.

You enter each room as an audience member, but if you want to talk you just raise your hand, and the speakers can choose to invite you up to speak and to become part of the discussion.

Or you can create a room of your own to meet with friends and with new people around the world—to tell stories, ask questions, debate, learn, and have impromptu conversations on thousands of different topics.

Who Invented it and the actual release date?

Clubhouse was first introduced to iOS by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison and ex-Google employee Rohan Seth of Alpha Exploration Co. in March 2020 with a beta launch & for Android on May 9, 2021.

At the time, the app was very rough and the Developers started to collecting feedback and worked on it to make it smooth and to provide good user experience.


Why it is Still not available for Everyone?

 Clubhouse has stated it remains invite-only to ensure that their team is able to manage the growth of their user base and continues refining the app to be capable of supporting a larger audience and working to make it available to the world as quickly as possible. Developers just aren’t ready to ship the general release version yet.

There are two reasons for this:

  •  It’s important to grow communities slowly, rather than 10x-ing the user base overnight. This helps ensure that things don’t break and make the application Unstable.
  • Paul Davison and Rohan Seth having a small team, and they haven’t yet finished building the features that will allow them to handle more people. Right now the two of them are the only full-time employees.

Clubhouse plans to extend its accessibility to the public in the future and launch the full Android version in 2021.


Who is in the Icon of the Clubhouse?

Almost everyone is thinking about who is in the Icon of the Clubhouse?

Actually, the icon is regularly changing with a black and white profile photo of different Social change leaders.

Their 11th and current icon is Leah Lamarr

clubhouse logo
clubhouse logo

Why clubhouse is getting so Famous?

Since the launch and during new worldwide lockdown measures, Clubhouse is getting famous through word of mouth and also because many famous personalities started using the Platform.

Many people were asking if I had an invite to get on to the new audio app “Clubhouse”. When I Downloaded the application “Clubhouse”, I was disappointed to receive a message stating “The username has been reserved and we are creating your Account” and I was on the virtual waitlist. Frustratingly, you can’t see anything about the app unless you’re invited to join — or you’re a celebrity, such as Drake or Ashton Kutcher.

If you’re not yet on Clubhouse you can sign up for the waitlist here.