Best 5+Way To Became Good Developer-Great Skills, Habits, Tips & more


For all good developers who are in the learning phase, As you know this article is going to give you the complete information that how one can become a good developer or great developer in their fields. Programming is a Profession that requires daily learning. If you can create a basic project like a calculator or even something more complicated in a Programming Language that you understand well, then you truly understand how it works, and this is critical.


This is the basic and foremost step to becoming a great developer, i.e. you can understand the working and implementation process of programs.

good developer

People don’t care about what you say, they care about what you build.

Mark Zuckerberg

Get Familiar With Your Tools

This quote is extremely relevant for this particular subject. Good developers not only possess great coding skills but also know their development environments (such as IDEs) very well and use all the shortcuts available to make their work faster.

Additionally, they understand the principles behind the code they write and why it works instead of just blindly following some tutorials.

Self-Learning is a Key Factor For Developers

This term implies that the person never attended any special school or classes to learn Programming. Consequently, they just started working on projects and found themselves doing something new every day which developed their programming skills along with time.

Without a doubt, having some sort of education in programming is advantageous because there’s lots of stuff to study in order to become great at it (similarly like when studying for an exam). However, if your primary goal is only becoming good enough, then most likely developing these skills alone will be sufficient. Just remember about practicing every day!


  • Coding, Coding & Coding: Realize your mistakes in designing, error handling, threading, and then go back to those respective skills to improve. You just can not work in designing only; coding produces output, which is vital to learn and act as a success.
  • Practicing Data Structure, Algorithms: By learning these things, you take better advantage of what is available. Since data structure is a key piece of any program, solid knowledge of them helps during problem-solving.
  • Find a Good Mentor:: One of the best things you can do to become a great developer is to find an excellent mentor. A good mentor will provide sound advice on everything from architecture to design, and even how to improve your career path.
  • Reading Codes: Develop a good code sense, which will alert you when you make a mistake, help you to spot others’ mistakes, gaps, and code smell.

Confident on Your Skills

Good developers are constantly able to accomplish what they set out to do, as well as produce high-quality results immediately and consistently. Of course, working with your team to establish the project is preferable, but there may be times when you’ll be alone with no one to assist you, therefore you’ll need to be able to work independently and have faith that you can accomplish this task on your own.

Creating & Editing

Creating means programming is a piece of software, not designing it. There is an entire world outside programming and creating websites or mobile apps which requires creativity.

In Programming, if you can create something complicated without using any tutorials to assist you then this fact confirms that your skills are worth being valued by other people! It’s all about challenging yourself because the more difficult task is solved successfully, the better developer you become! So don’t be afraid of challenges – embrace them instead!

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