WhatsApp 6 New Features to Expect in 2022


Here are the WhatsApp 6 New Features we may get in 2022. WhatsApp is easily the most popular messaging app in the world with over two billion active users. Although the platform has been facing stiff competition from rivals like Signal and Telegram for some time, it still captures a big share of the market that will likely take years to overcome. Despite its popularity, the platform remains careful adding new features, that is, it avoids bringing drastic changes.

This year, we saw the rollout of some handy tools like image editor for WhatsApp web, disappearing messages, and voice notes playback speed. However, some more features are in the pipeline that even Meta (formerly Facebook) has confirmed.

Whatsapp 6 New Features
WhatsApp 6 New Features

WhatsApp 6 New Features

New Time Limit for Disappearing Messages: WhatsApp rolled out the disappearing messages feature last year that automatically deletes messages from a chat when enabled. The company may soon let users increase the time to 90 days. Until now, the disappearing messages are automatically removed after seven days.

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Sticker Maker for Mobile App: WhatsApp recently launched sticker-maker for WhatsApp web, but it will reportedly reach the mobile app as well. Currently, the platform allows users to send stickers using pre-loaded or third-party sticker packs. However, a recent report in 91Mobiles hints that the company may allow iOS and Android users to create their own stickers soon.

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Message Reactions: One of the most anticipated features is message reactions. As the name suggests, users will be able to react to messages with an emoji. The feature is already available on Meta-owned Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger.

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Playback Controls for Audio Messages: As mentioned, WhatsApp users can control voice note playback speed, but it will reportedly extend to audio messages soon as well. Audio Messages are essentially voice notes only but when forwarded to others. It appears users can choose between 1.5X and 2X playback speeds. Users may still have to wait to get an option to slow the playback speed.


Communities: The Meta-owned company is also said to be working on ‘Community’ to streamline group chats. The feature that appears to be inspired by Community on Discord will essentially offer group admins more control over the group. It will allow Admins to create sub-groups to manage the flow of information. WhatsApp may also add users to join the Community through a shareable link.

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Last seen for select users: WhatsApp lets users hide last seen and blue ticks on reading messages. The company is seemingly working on a new option to hide last seen from select contacts. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, users are spending more time online to interact with families and colleagues. Hiding last seen from select contacts will be highly useful not just during but post-pandemic.