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Gadgets are the things that are used in our daily lifestyle to make it easy or to do some hacks. Today we got amazing, cool, cheap, and helpful 10 gadgets for you all. Their all price will be around Rs.100.

1. Type-C to USB A OTG

Now, what if you bought the four-port USB hub because it’s pink and pretty and then you realize you actually have the new MacBook which only has USB C ports thanks to apple now this simple USB C to USB A dongle is for all the new MacBook users out there with this you can connect your USB accessories and even the 4 port USB hub. now what’s interesting is that it has support for USB 3 which means you get fast data transfer speed.

2. Earphone case Pouch

Next up on this list is this earphones pouch which honestly at first looks seemed a bit small and tiny but you know what it’s actually, pretty useful if you’re good at wrapping things up so this is the earphones pouch and it has two slots one is this mesh slot which can securely hold your earphones and the other side which is this blank space and here you can keep your pen drive the dongle, I told you earlier about memory cards and more so it’s fine and it also looks decent enough.

3. Anti-Slip Thumb Sleeve

Now I think you’ll relate to this while playing games for long hours the fingers get sweaty and that results in misfires and inaccurate shots now enter these thumb sleeves honestly I had no idea that thumb sleeves were a thing but turns out these have been pretty popular since the PUBG days the good old days.

You get two sleeves in a pack and they fit my thumb fine they’re sweat-proof and they work well on every phone I tried them all now honestly I felt kind of weird using them at first and I don’t think this is for casual gamers like me instead, it’s for hardcore gamers also if you then you should have this claw setup in games like COD mobile and PUBG.

4. Wired USB Optical Mouse

Another really cool thing that you can get under 100 rupees is an optical mouse so this is the mouse I’m talking about and it’s actually from a decent brand it’s the zebronic zebrice wired optical mouse with 1200 DPI. Three buttons and a 1.2-meter cable now for the price this is very good I mean compared to a gaming mouse or any other usual mouse it’s kind of tiny but it works I had some issues with it on some surfaces but other than that it works well as a usual mouse because I’m sure. Buy Now

5. Waterproof Cover for Laptop

This is a Ziploc bag for your laptop it keeps your laptop fresh it’s waterproof dustproof and it’s also people-proof because once you use this in public you will be people-proof now jokes about this is actually useful for traveling it has two pockets one for your laptop and the other for your charge and another accessories now this supports up to 15-inch laptops and while regular laptops work I had trouble putting in a gaming laptop in this now that apart I locked this and I tested it with water and no water spilled into the inside so that’s good also, I like the creativity behind the name it’s called lapidella you know laptop and umbrella lapidella. Buy Now

6. The coolest Gadget-Stylus Writing Pen


This is actually something that makes a lot of sense so, this is a stylus that also works as a ball pen, and waits it also works as a phone holder. this thing is packed with functionality so, as you can see in pictures it works as a stylus for your phone and it actually works well just don’t expect apple pencil or S pen like accuracy when it comes to drawing also, you can just twist it and use it as a pen it works fine and you can also put your phone and watch videos. Buy Now

7. Port USB Hub

Have you ever wanted to connect a bunch of pens drives SSD’s phones etc. to your laptop and run out of ports well that’s not a good feeling I mean MacBook air only has two USB ports I’ll enter this four-port USB hub at just rupees 99 I know this looks kind of cheap and feels kind of cheap and has USB 2.0 so, it will perform cheaply too but you know what it can actually get the job done it has this beautiful pink design and it has four USB ports and I tested it and all of these ports work which is awesome considering the price so pretty useful? Buy Now

8. Mobile Charging Stand Wall Holder

You know how we have to charge sockets at home but there’s nothing near them to actually, keep your phone on well, this mobile wall holder is perfect for docking in your phone while charging it’s pretty simple you just peel off the adhesive tape stick it to any wall and yeah, it works on any surface even glass surfaces and that’s it now you just put your phone to charge and pop your phone right in yeah, it’s useful and it looks kind of cool. Buy Now

9. Mini USB LED Light

You’ve seen these mini-USB LED lights they’re fine they’re cool and they can be useful if you don’t have a laptop with a backlight keyboard so overall it’s fine . Buy Now

10. Charger Cable Protector

Now most charging cables especially apple ones are infamous for being stupid pieces of fragile crap I mean look at any old MacBook air cable that does look like crap anyway, what you can do is get this cable protector set, and even on the amazon listing they’ve shown it on apple cables so you can just put these protectors on your cables. Buy Now

A lot of these gadgets and accessories are actually pretty good and actually pretty useful considering they are priced at less than 100 rupees. That’s pretty awesome anyway I’ve added all the links to all of these gadgets down below so go ahead check them out also tell us your favorite gadget in the comment section below mine is obviously the pretty nice looking brilliant Stylus Writing Pen but tell your favorite in the comment section below also share this to your friends if you like this blog.

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