Clubhouse introduced a new 3D Audio Feature with a new app icon


When we all were Enjoying our Sunday. Clubhouse Developers releases a New Update for their Application which includes some cool new 3D audio feature i.e Spatial Audio and a New App icon.

Clubhouse with a new technology called spatial audio

Spatial Audio– A way of creating sound in 360 degrees around a listener. Sound can come from any place in a sphere. It takes two forms – binaural and object-based. Binaural sound is used in headphones. Object-based sound is for television, radio, and loudspeaker listening.

Conversations on Clubhouse are like being at a great dinner or cocktail party — where you hear amazing people all around you, with new people dropping in and out and interesting ideas coming from all sides.

On Sunday 29th Clubhouse Developers announced a new technology called spatial audio, which helps bring incredible rooms to life even more. With spatial audio, you’ll hear the people around you in 3D, which makes the experience a bit more lifelike and human and makes it easier for your brain to track who is speaking.

Clubhouse with a new technology called spatial audio

Spatial audio works best with headphones (wired or otherwise) and will start slowly rolling out as the default experience for all new iOS users starting 29th, with Android coming soon. If you prefer the old listening experience, you can turn spatial audio off anytime in your settings.

Clubhouse app icon for the month of September!!

Clubhouse app icon is one of the Trending and Most Questioned topic as it changes every month. So this time they have changed their app icon for the 11th time and the person in the icon is Leah Lamarr.

clubhouse logo

Leah Lamarr has, in many ways, been an unofficial icon for months now. Her club Hot on the Mic consistently hosts some of the most popular comedy rooms on Clubhouse, and many of her 230,000+ followers can often be found in the audience of her real-world standup shows. When she’s not hosting Clubhouse rooms from her bed, Leah can be found performing at venues around the US.  Most recently, she joined fellow Clubhouse regular Dane Cook at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas for a packed crowd.

Leah shared more about her story and how her comedy has evolved through Clubhouse in a special conversation with Dane Cook.

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