PM Modi 9th Nation Address On Covid-19 Vaccination


PM Modi addresses the nation, says we are still fighting the 2nd wave and have built up medical infrastructure on a war footing. We made all efforts to get medical Oxygen from all corners of the world. When the country faced a shortage Production capacity of all countries combined is small compared to the global demand for vaccines. Vaccination coverage was only 60% in 2014; we have augmented the capacity through Mission “Indradhanush’‘.

Our vaccination coverage is now 90%, 23 crore vaccine doses have already been delivered. Indian scientists developed vaccines in a quick time. The govt has stood solidly behind vaccine manufacturers. A vaccine to be delivered through nasal channel being developed; this will give a further boost to inoculation drive. Three more vaccines in the pipeline. Vaccine supply will be increasing in the coming days. Seven companies in the country are producing different vaccines, 3 vaccine trials at the advanced stage.

PM Modi addresses the nation about the importance of the Indian Vaccine, also states that following COVID-19 protocols is the key to success. 23 crore doses have been given to the Indians, which is possible because of the past 1-year new health infrastructure. In May Centre govt has given 25% of the total vaccine accountancy to the state govt which will be coming back to the Centre again, also from 21st June, 2021 i.e. World Yoga Day Central govt will be giving free vaccines to all people of any age group. 25% of all vaccines will be continued to be administered through private hospitals, letting people who want jabs from the private hospitals have them. The service charge will not exceed Rs.150.

Also, the Gareeb Kalyan anna yojana is extended till the Diwali festival of 2021, under which 80 crore people got benefitted by getting free ration. He also tells the nation to spread awareness, people do not fall for rumors.

In last PM Modi ends his address saying India will be victorious in the war against COVID-19.