SWAYAM online nptel courses offer a variety of courses to cover wide disciplines. It is easy to enroll according to your interest. NPTEL covers all of the fields. NPTEL main goal or mission is to provide a number of online courses in Engineering and core sciences discipline. One can visit the website and can able to find the course of his/her choice. These online courses and certifications are suitable for students, professors, teachers, and all those who want to continue with their circle of learning or those who canโ€™t afford to go to a proper college and get a degree. NPTEL is the best platform to learn on our interest from anywhere and are coordinated by experienced IIT professors.

Here are the best online nptel courses for computer science and engineering students:

1. Google Cloud Computing Foundation Course

This is a very basic and important course in the computer science field. Students will learn sufficient knowledge and understanding of the benefits of Cloud Computing. This Certification validates a balanced curriculum and addresses the business and technical aspects of cloud computing. It will also explain how to adopt, operate, and govern the cloud.


  • Introduction to the cloud
  • What is cloud computing
  • Difference between cloud and traditional architecture
  • Brief on Google cloud architecture

Prof. Sowmya Kannan
Co-ordinated by: IIT Kharagpur
Duration: 08 Weeks
Discipline: CSE

2. Advanced Computer Architecture

This online nptel course aims to provide students with a fundamental knowledge of computer hardware and computer systems, with an emphasis on system design and performance. The module concentrates on the principles underlying systems organization, issues in computer system design, and contrasting implementations of modern systems. The module is central to the aims of the Computing Systems degree course, for which it is core.


  • Performance assessment methods
  • The basics of computer organization conveniently
  • What is RISC and instruction pipeline

Prof. John Jose
Co-ordinated by: IIT Guwahati
Duration: 8 Weeks
Discipline: CSE

3. Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is a category of algorithm that allows software applications to become more accurate in predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed. The basic of machine learning is to build algorithms that can receive input data and use statistical analysis to predict an output while updating outputs as new data becomes available.


  • Overview of Machine Learning
  • Introduction to machine learning
  • Hypothesis space and inductive bias
  • Deep learning
  • Statistical decision theory

Prof. Balaraman Ravindran
Co-ordinated by: IIT Madras
Duration: 8 Weeks
Discipline: CSE

4. Big Data Computing

Students will learn about Big Data from these online nptel courses i.e a collection of data that is huge in volume, yet growing exponentially with time. It is data with so large size and complexity that none of the traditional data management tools can store it or process it efficiently. Big data is also data but with huge size. start this course now and learn everything in the comfort of your home.


  • Hadoop stack for big data
  • Hadoop MapReduce, parallel programming with spark
  • CAP theorem
  • decision trees for big data analytics

Prof. Rajiv Misra
Co-ordinated by: IIT Patna
Duration: 8 Weeks
Discipline: CSE

5. Object-Oriented System Development using UML, Java, and Patterns

Swayam nptel course i.e. Object-oriented software development has become very popular. UML has been accepted as the standard design language. Skeletal java code generation from UML diagrams will be discussed. Design patterns are reusable solutions. These are good solutions to typical programming problems, that can understand and applied in a specific design situation to improve the overall design and reduce design iterations.


  • The basic concepts of UML
  • Introduction to using case modeling step by step
  • Examples to make you understand the concepts
  • what are class diagram, class relation, and relation in java
  • what are binary and unary associations

Prof. Rajib Mall
Co-ordinated by: IIT Kharagpur
Duration: 5 Weeks
Discipline: CSE

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