Omicron BA.2 Variant Symptoms, Precautions-New Covid-19 Variant


Omicron BA.2 Variant Symptoms, Precautions…..

Omicron BA.2 spreads faster than the previously identified sub-variant BA.1. And recently a few studies have cited the stealth Omicron can cause as severe infections as Delta (However, they are yet to be peer-reviewed). Even though the threats possessed by the newly-identified sub-variant is yet to be known, researchers are constantly studying it to understand its symptoms, severity and other critical factors. Here is all that you need to know.

VariantOmicron (BA.2)
1st Detected atPhilippines
Detected OnNovember 2021
Variant TypeVariant Of Concern

New IHU Variant More Infectious Than Omicron Discovered In France

 Strains of Omicron SARS-CoV-2 are currently dominant throughout the world. In addition to 28 mutations not seen in the Omicron variant, it shares many mutations with its ancestor strain.

Genomes from the Philippines have shown the presence of the new sub-variant for the first time as of November 2021. SARS-CoV-2 has now been identified in more than 40 countries worldwide, with Denmark becoming the dominant country. 

Common symptoms of Omicron BA.2

In a news briefing Wednesday, Denmark’s health officials reported that while the BA.2 variant is more contagious, there is no evidence that it affects hospitalizations or deaths. Infections tend to cause more deaths and hospitalizations than Covid-19.

Omicron BA.2 Variant

Symptoms Of Omicron (B.1.1.529) Corona Variant -AIIMs, WHO

Symptoms have been reported by people who have been infected with it.

  • Omicron BA2 symptoms include taste loss.
  • The SpO2 level drops as well in severe cases.
  • A BA2 variant’s symptoms are similar to those of Omicron.
  • Delta and Omicron Cases are being eclipsed by BA2 Variant rapidly.
  • In the age group of 20-50 years, significant severity is not expected.
  • Fever and body aches have been reported in people with Omicron BA2. 

Omicron BA.2 Variant Precautions

  • Stay at Home as much as possible.
  • When engaging, always cover your face and nose.
  • Be sure to distance yourself from public places as well.
  • To acquire antibodies, you should get both vaccine doses.
  • Lastly, make sure you consume immunity-boosting fruits and vegetables.

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WHO-on Omicron sub-variant BA.2

World Health Organisation said that BA.2 is definitely more transmissible than BA.1 but the severity level of both the variants is the same. And, if there is another Omicron surge, then we will see more of BA.2 next time. 

It has also cautioned that Omicron is not mild, though it might be milder than Delta. 


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