Why you should never Charge your Phone to 100%


Many people like to charge their phone to 100% but it’s something you should not do on a regular basis. I’ll explain Why you should never charge your Phone To 100%. Since it’s a significant number that ensures your device will last as long as possible but it can Damage your Smartphones’ Battery.

Type of Battery used in Smartphones:-

So the type of battery used in most modern electronics, including the iPhone, is lithium-ion and its capacity is only good for a certain number of charges, or cycles before it begins to degrade.

You can check how much your battery has degraded right now by going to battery settings and tapping Battery Health on your iPhone.

Bad Charging Habits:-

Obviously, we want to prevent our batteries from draining out as much as possible, which is why charging all the way to 100% and allowing the battery level to drop down to ten percent or less is considered bad practice.


These deep discharges exhaust the lithium battery cells faster than charging to eighty or ninety percent and getting it back on its charger by the time it reaches thirty or forty percent.

Does it effects our Phone?

This not only ensures you get as much battery life out of your iPhone for as long as possible for those days when you really need it, but it also prevents performance issues caused by deeply degrading batteries.

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Apple tries to alleviate this issue with software features like optimized battery charging Where the iPhone will wait to charge past 80% until it knows you’re ready to use it based on your charging routine. So it won’t charge 100% for hours at a time.

But if that does happen, you’ll actually receive a notification that says your iPhone should be removed from power and discharged to improve battery health.

But deep discharges also negatively affect the battery, which is where low power mode comes in.

At 20%, your iPhone will automatically begin throttling performance and background tasks to prevent the battery from draining.

And while that means more battery life for the user, it also means a higher likelihood that the device will be connected to power before reaching an extremely low battery percentage.

It’s best to keep your battery level between forty and eighty percent when possible, so on those busy days when you need every minute of battery life possible, your device will be there to deliver.

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