Monkeypox Vaccine Complete Updates 2022-WHO Chief


The World Health Organisation (WHO) chief said, “WHO recommends targeted vaccination for those exposed to someone with monkeypox, & for those at high risk of exposure, incl. health workers, some lab workers, & those with multiple sexual partners. At this time, we do not recommend mass vaccination against monkeypox”


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The India government is yet to issue a directive regarding who should be vaccinated first or who is ‘high risk’. But time and again, several experts have pointed out that people under the age of 45 are considered to be more vulnerable to the disease as they didn’t get the smallpox vaccine. India stopped smallpox vaccinations in 1978 when it seemed that the disease have been completely eradicated.


Vaccines that are currently approved?

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WHO notified that one smallpox vaccine, called MVA-BN, has been approved in Canada, the European Union, and the U.S. for use against monkeypox. Two other vaccines, LC16 and ACAM2000, are also being considered for use against monkeypox.

What WHO said on doses and effectiveness of monkeypox vaccination?

The WHO chief asserted that the union health agency “still lacks data on the effectiveness of vaccines or how many doses might be needed” and urged all countries using vaccines to collect and share critical data.

“WHO is developing a research framework that countries can use to generate the data we need to understand better how effective these vaccines are in preventing both infection and disease, and how to use them most effectively,” the WHO chief also notified

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However pointing out the real threat currently, the WHO chief said, “There are also challenges with the availability of this vaccine. There are about 16 million doses of MVA-BN globally. Most are in bulk form, meaning they will take several months to “fill and finish” into vials that are ready to use.”

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