iPhone 14 leaks before the release of iPhone 13


On 8th September just after a day, Apple sent Virtual Press Invitations for the Upcoming Apple Event 2021, Jon Prosser a well-known Leaker of Apple Products with a 74.3% ACCURATE Score, Leaked iPhone 14- EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK! on his Youtube Channel.


iPhone 14 is the perfect mix of new and old. Apple is doing this for the past few Years They brought colors back to the iMac, they Square off the Edges of the iPhone again like iPhone 4.

Now Apple used the Same Design of the iPhone 4 for the Upcoming iPhone 14 as it is the Best Designed in the past records of the Earlier iPhone Series.

Top 10 Key Features of iPhone 14

  1. iPhone 14 is a bit Thicker than iPhone 13 series.
  2. No Camera Bump on the Back of the iPhone 14.
  3. iPhone 14 has Bigger Battery than iPhone 13 series.
  4. Glass on the Back is Semi-Glossy with the Apple Logo actually Under the Glass
  5. Colors are not Finalised as they get finalised before the Manufacturing Starts.
  6. Titanium will be used to make the Sides of the iPhone 14
  7. Round Volume Button are on the Side of the Phone as like as the iPhone 4 Model.
  8. Lightning Port is Still in the iphone 14.
  9. Finally the notch is gone now,Hole Punch on the Front of iPhone 14
  10. Face Id is Under the Display and No Finger Print Stystem is in iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Full Resolution Wallpapers

iPhone 14 in AR

Open Jon Prosser website Front Page Tech to view iPhone 14 in AR in Safari on iPhone or iPad.

iPhone 14
iPhone 14

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