How to install the iOS 15 Stable version?

 iOS 15 Stable version

Finally Apple Announced that Public iOS 15 Stable version will be released on 20th September and on 15th September Apple released iOS 15 RC version for the Beta Users. If you are a Beta User or want iOS 15 Stable Version in your iPhone Now, just Follow these Simple Steps given Below.

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Download Latest Apple iOS 15 Stable Version in iPhone, Steps: –

  1. Open Safari Web Browser in your iPhone (Other web browser may not support).
  2. Search ( Apple Beta Software Program ) in the Address Bar.
  3. Scroll down you will find two option: –
  4. Sign up (If you are New Member and first-time installing Beta Profile)
  5. Sign in (if already you are member of Apple Beta Software Program)
  6. Tap on Continue and sign in/sign up by with your Apple Id.

*if you’re First time enrolling in Beta Program an Agreement will come just scroll down and tap on Accept. *

(Guide for Public Betas)

  • Scroll down to Get Started &Tap on enroll your iOS device.

(Enroll your devices)

  • Scroll down to 2. Install Profile &Tap on Download profile.

* A pop-up will come and notify you that this website is trying to download a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this? *

  • Tap on Allow.

*A pop-up will appear Profile Downloaded, tap on close and swipe up and Safari Web Browser*

  • Open Settings here you will find a New Tab Name with Profile Downloaded.
  • Tap on Profile Downloaded it will open a new tab to Install Profile.
  • Tap on Install on the top right corner & Enter your iPhone’s Passcode.
  • Consent form will appear just Tap on Install on top right corner & again on Install.

*A pop-up will appear Restart Required *

  • Tap on Restart.

* After Restarting your iPhone *

  • Go in Setting<General<Software Update

*You will find the option to download Latest Apple Beta IOS Version which is available on your iPhone *

  • Tap on Download and Install.

* Download and Install as similar as you update iPhone *

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