Have you played gully cricket game?

Do you know from where dream 11 of the Indian team comes from?
Gully cricket is the answer, one of the most famous and entertaining games in India. This game has its own beauty and glory. Very different from real cricket in every aspect, when we think about this, the first thing that comes to Our mind is about rules, way of batting, way of bowling, and the main thing is the owner of the bat, wicket and ball. In the stadium, we hear the fans cheering sounds to support their favorite ones, but in a gully, Virat Kohli acts as Chiku, MS DHONI as MAHI, Mohit as Monu, a long list of nicknames.

gully cricket game
ONLY gully cricket game in mind


The team is selected by the good players or by the youngster of the gully which gives exciting fight to each other if teams players are not equally divided the ” common rule” solve it. The one player which is extra in either team will play for both teams but only after getting other teammates out. The common player is not allowed to bowl, usually do wicket keeping if proper wickets are there, else do fielding if wickets are on the wall.

The toss is done by using a tile piece, plane side, and the rough side. If the tile piece gets broken after striking on the ground, one has to toss the tile again. If this concept end with shouting then a coin comes into the picture.

There are different types of pitch that vary from the locality of the gully.
The ball used to grip the road and come slowly to the bat. Bounce depends upon the quality of the ball and how old it is. The average score in a six-over match is 25.
Spinners play a big role on road.

ON SOIL: The Real Enjoyment of gully cricket game
The ball used to come fast and shot selection became easy for the batsman. Bounce depends upon the plain of the soil. The batsman has to take care because the ball turns unexpectedly.


1. Try Ball or Play Ball

Bowler asks the batsman whether he wants to play the try or play ball. If the reply is ‘try ball’, the bowler bowled a LOLY POP Ball, which is considered a baby ball. If Play Ball is coming, the batsman says to bat ” CHAIN KULLI KI MAIN KULLI “ which gives strength and confidence to the batsman.

2. The Batsman Is Not Supposed To Cover The Entire Wicket

If the batsman covered the whole wicket area, then the bowler will not bowl in any condition and use to say game dismiss as a ‘bluster’ in the bowler’s favor.

3. Runs

SIX runs depend upon the neighbors. If the players are from the neighbor then the six-run problem-solve with that player. If a player got run out the decision always remains pending and takes seconds to transform into a big election debate. Ultimately won by those who are close to winning the game.

4. Runner Apply

Runner apply is the best part of the game when a team needs a single or double in an over to win the game and the batsman is a child who has no idea, how to hit a ball.

5. Out Rule

If the batsman hits the ball directly on the wall of the neighbor’s house or the car, they are out!.
The direct catch is out.
One bounce out when caught by one hand, only when bowling type is underarm.

6. What If Ball Got Lost

The batsman is responsible for that and has to buy a new ball the next day otherwise all players use to contribute.

7. Adventurous Player

One player used to do adventure tasks while playing like getting a ball from the house silently, the ball from roofs, dusty places, and trees.

8. After Breaking Window Glass

There is always one player who does not think while swinging the bat and considers the gully as a big ground. After the window glass got broken, not a single player is visible in the gully. Such a big task to run with the bat and wickets having fear of being taken by the neighbor. In case the situation became worst to handle then the only person who can calm the situation i.e. MOM the head of our gully cricket board.

9. Role Of Children

when the ball goes far away from the fielder, kids are ready to get a ball irrespective of the distance. which avoids boredom with the game.

10. Hitting Dead ball

When the bowler bowled a dead ball and asks the batsman, Please not to HIT but Batsman never ever listens to him and gives a strong swing to bat and hit a ball to increase the level of the game and make it more fun for other teammates.

11. End Of The Game

The game ends up with happy faces, discussion on who cheated much, making an interesting rule, and contributing to buy a ball. Sometimes match doesn’t come to an end-stage because of neighbor concern.