Google Ads App Updated-5 Best New Features & announcements


GOOGLE ADS New features & announcements

The latest version of the Google Ads app for Android and iOS has new features that help bring its functionality closer to the desktop experience.

With the Google Ads app, marketers will be able to:

  • See more explanations for campaign changes
  • Monitor real-time search trends
  • Create entire campaigns on their smartphone and more

Here are more details about each google ads updates.

1. Improved Performance Insights

The Google Ads mobile app makes it easy for you to stay connected to your campaigns on the go. To help you stay on top of holiday demand and monitor performance, you can now see more explanations with Performance Insights, review Search trends, and create campaigns directly in the mobile app.

If you make a change to your bid and budget strategy, for example, the app will explain how the change impacted performance. Shifts in search interest will also be better explained, as well as insights into positive performance changes. This new data can help you understand what worked in your campaigns and why, which is information you can use to create more successful campaigns in the future.

2. Create Campaigns On Mobile

Did you know that 70% of YouTube viewers say they bought a brand as a result of seeing it on YouTube? As the number one platform for ad-supported reach, YouTube is the place where hard-to-reach audiences come to be entertained and connect with creators and content they love. It’s also where audiences come to shop.

Using the Google Ads mobile app, you can now create a search campaign while untethered from your desktop computer. This process can be completed in a few steps. Start by tapping on the plus-sign button on the bottom right side of the screen. After launching the campaign you can continue to monitor and optimize the performance all from the mobile app. These updates are available now for all marketers using Google Ads

3. Current-time Search Trends

In fact, 15% of search queries every day are new searches i.e never seen before. As consumer trends shift and evolve, it’s more important than ever to make it easier for people to connect with your business through relevant and helpful ads.

Keep up with consumer demand with a new report on search trends, which is updated in real-time. Consumer expectations for privacy are higher than ever. In fact, searches on Google for “online privacy” increased by more than 50% between spring 2019 and spring 2020.

That’s why, last year, we updated the search terms report and Dynamic Search Ads search terms report to meet new privacy thresholds. These thresholds ensure user anonymity by only reporting on terms that have seen sufficient search volume across all Google searches. 

google ads
google ads

4. YouTube Video discovery ads are now In-feed video ads

Today, we are updating the name of ‘YouTube Video discovery ads’ to ‘In-feed video ads’. YouTube Video discovery ads place your brand, product, or service alongside YouTube content that is likely to be viewed by your audience. The ads can appear in the YouTube Home feed, Watch feed, and Search feed. This change will not affect campaign features or functionality, and there’s no action required for existing campaigns. 

5. Customer Match is now widely available and easier to use

Creating a first-party data strategy is more important than ever as the industry shifts towards a privacy-driven approach to marketing. Customer Match helps you use this first-party data to build strong relationships with your customers in a privacy-safe way. Today we’re announcing improvements to Customer Match that make it more accessible and easier to use. sources:

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