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Money Heist is a Spanish heist crime drama television series created by Álex Pina. The series traces two long-prepared heists led by the Professor (Álvaro Morte), one on the Royal Mint of Spain, and one on the Bank of Spain told from the perspective of one of the robbers, Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó). The narrative is told in a real-time-like fashion and relies on flashbacks, time-jumps, hidden character motivations, and an unreliable narrator for complexity.

On 3rd Dec 2021, the final volume of Part 5 got released which will sum up the series.

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The Famous Series Stars:

  • Úrsula Corberó as Tokyo
  • Álvaro Morte as The Professor
  • Itziar Ituño as Lisbon
  • Miguel Herrán as Rio
  • Jaime Lorente as Denver
  • Esther Acebo as Stockholm
  • Hovik Keuchkerian as Bogota
  • Rodrigo de la Serna as Palermo
  • Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra
  • Belén Cuesta as Manila
  • Enrique Arce as Arturo
  • Darko Peric as Helsinki
  • Luka Peros as Marseille
  • Fernando Cayo as Coronel Tamayo
  • and José Manuel Poga as Gandía

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Overview of Money Heist Season 5

Part 5 consists of a total of 10 episodes, out of which 5 were released on September 3, 2021, and the remaining last 5 episodes were released on 3rd December 2021.

Episode 6 – Escape Valves

Sierra takes advantage of the Professor’s grief and gains the upper hand. Meanwhile, the team deals with the emotional fallout of their dead friend.


Episode 7-Wishful Thinking

A break in the investigation and a mistake by one of the thieves put the Professor at serious risk of being discovered.


Episode 8 – The Theory of Elegance

Tamayo hunts for the gold as the team races against the clock. Mónica worries she’s having a psychotic break. Years earlier, Berlin is deceived.


Episode 9 – Pillow Talk

The Professor is left reeling after his tactics are used against him, and when it seems like all hope is lost, he makes a bold decision.


Episode 10 – A Family Tradition

With multiple lives on the line and Spain’s economy at stake, the Professor and Tamayo engage in one final showdown.


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Download Money Heist Part 5-Volume 2


IMDB Rating:8.3/10

Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Stars: Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Itziar Ituño
Creator: Álex Pina / NetFlix

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No. Of Episodes: 05Language: Hindi DD5.1 + English (Dual Audio)

Quality: 1080p 720p & 480p 10Bit HEVC


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