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Ek Villain Returns is a 2022 Indian Hindi-language psychological action crime thriller film written and directed by Mohit Suri, and a spiritual successor to his 2014 film Ek Villain. The film is produced by Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, Bhushan Kumar, and Krishan Kumar under the banners Balaji Motion Pictures and T-Series. which stars John Abraham, Arjun Kapoor, Disha Patani, and Tara Sutaria in the lead roles. The film was released theatrically on 29 July 2022.

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Ek Villain Returns (2022) Storyline

A masked intruder barges into an apartment complex and kill a famous singer named Aarvi Malhotra. After the investigation, the cops deduce that Aarvi’s ex-lover Gautham Mehra, is the serial killer. 6 months ago: Gautham was a spoiled rich brat, who is berated by his industrialist father Mehra as Gautham had created a commotion on his girlfriend Siya’s wedding. When Siya proposes to Gautham, the latter tells her that he wanted to show Siya’s would-be husband that Siya still loves him, where he leaves from the wedding.

One day, Gautham’s commotion is made into a rock song by Aarvi, where Mehra throws Gautham from the house. Gautham meets Aarvi at Reval Music Festival and pretends to be in love with her, in order to take revenge against her for using the video clip of the commotion to get fame. Without knowing this, Aarvi befriends Gautham and they use their wits to get her rival singer Qiran replaced in every concert. Aarvi learns that she is in love with Gautham and propose to her, to which he accepts.

Aarvi reveals about her father, who is a popular singer had an extramartial affair with her mother, but he didn’t accept her and her mother as his family as he is living with his another family, where she tells that her main goal is to get her father to accept her as his daughter by becoming a famous singer. However, Aarvi’s childhood photos are leaked by Gautham, where her father denies her about being his daughter to the media. Aarvi learns about Gautham’s act and ploy from Gautham himself, where he leaves her, which leaves Aarvi heartbroken.

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Present: The special force, headed by Inspector Hummad, locates Gautham and tries to catch him, but ACP V. K. Ganesan suspects that Aarvi is not murdered by Gautham. Meanwhile, the cops interrogate a suspect named Bhairav Purohit as Aarvi’s phone number was found in Bhairav’s phone, but he denies the crime. The cops release Bhairav, where he tells him to not to leave the city. Ganesan finds a pattern that the serial killer only targets young girls, who had only one-sided love for their respective girlfriends, and also learns that the serial killer killed 18 young girls from the past 6 months.

Meanwhile, A boy named Ashu, whose girlfriend was the victim of the serial killer, accuses Gautham as the serial killer in the news channels. It is revealed that the killer had sent Ashu to the news channel. After leaving the channel studio, Gautham chases after Ashu, but Ashu is later killed by the killer, who throws him into a railway line, where the killer is revealed to be Bhairav. A fight ensues between Bhairav and Gautham, where the two challenge that they will kill each other. Bhairav leaves the train and escapes in a cab.

Ganesan checks the CCTV footage of the fight between Gautham and Bhairav, but Bhairav’s face wasn’t captured. Ganesan ask his colleague Chetna to keep the footage confidential. 3 months ago: Bhairav is a cab-driver, who also works as a part-time worker in a zoo, where he meets Rasika Mapuskar, a salesgirl at a clothing shop and they soon fall for each other. One day, Rasika injures a group of rogues with Bhairav’s cab, who were eve-teasing her and ask Bhairav to take her for a vacation to Lonawala. After reaching there, Bhairav decide to propose to Rasika, but learns that she has an intimate relationship with her manager Atul, which leaves Bhairav heartbroken.

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Rasika meets Bhairav where she first bluffs about Atul’s blackmail, but brainwashes him to kill those girls, who are having one-sided love for their boyfriends. Bhairav’s first victim was Ashu’s (who was killed by Bhairav at the railway line) girlfriend Puja, where he strangles her to death and grinds her flesh and feed it to the tigers. After this incident, Bhairav is mentally tormented and begins to kill the girls in the same way, along with Rasika. Present: Ganesan tells Gautham, where he knows that he didn’t kill Aravi, but tells him to reveal his remaining past.

Past: After 3 months, Gautham regains his rich life back, where Mehra learns about Gautham’s betrayal towards Aarvi. Mehra tells Gautham that there is no winning and losing in love, which makes Gautham realize his mistake. After a party and brawl at a bar by Siya’s husband in retribution for the commotion, Gautham is seriously injured where he is admitted to the hospital by Aarvi, who explains that she loved him even if it is one-sided love.

Gautham pleads for a chance from Aarvi, promising to change himself, but leaves with a heavy heart where she travels in Bhairav’s cab. Bhairav misunderstands that Aarvi has duped Gautham, where he, along with Rasika, attacks the complex at night (which is shown in the beginning), but Aravi misunderstands Gautham as the killer and request Gautham not to kill her, but Bhairav kills Aarvi. Present: Ganesan learns about Bhairav’s zoo address and tells it to Gautham, who leaves for the zoo.

However, Ganesan learns that the cops are heading towards his house, as Bhairav gave the tip about Gautham’s location. Bhairav arrives and kills Ganesan. Gautham reaches the zoo where it is revealed that Aarvi is alive and that Bhairav has locked her in the zoo. Aarvi tries to escape after seeing Gautham, but her misunderstanding is cleared by Bhairav, who locks her at the basement. Bhairav’s friend learn about this and tries to stop him, but is later killed by Bhairav. Bhairav reveals to Gautham that Aarvi is alive where the police arrest Bhairav and Gautham. Bhairav falsely testifies using his friend’s son that his friend was the serial killer.

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After this, Bhairav and Gautham are released. Bhairav and Rasika heads to the zoo and kills all the guards posted at the zoo, where they try to kill Aarvi, but Gautham arrives and engages a combat with Bhairav. Gautham then reveals that Rasika is actually dead and that Bhairav is actually hallucinating Rasika. Flashback: After Rasika confesses her affair to Bhairav, the latter turnes blank and is about to get hit by the truck. Rasika angrily leaves, but Bhairav begs her to accept his feelings, where he unintentionally kills Rasika.

Coming back to his sense, Bhairav keeps her body in the freezer where he started to hallucinate Rasika and begins to kill the every girl for her sake. Present: Gautham tells to Bhairav that he deduced about his hallucination when Bhairav started to talk to an imaginary person (Rasika).

Gautham also tells Bhairav that his love for Rasika turned into hatred, whereas his love for Aaravi always remain love, even if she doesn’t accept him. Realizing his mistake, Bhairav opens the tiger’s cage and is later killed by the tiger, whereas Gautham leaves with Aarvi, who reunites with him. Later, Aaravi sings at the concert with the support of Gautham and her fans.

In the post-credit scene, Rakesh Mahadkar (who survived the accident and has became a paraplegic) meets Bhairav (who is actually alive, having lost his one eye due to the tiger attack) where he recites the hymn from the prequel: Fikhra math kijeye, Aaj ke baad aapko shikayat ka mauka nahi milega (transl: Don’t worry, from now on you won’t get any scope to complain).

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Ek Villain Returns
Ek Villain Returns

IMDB Rating: 8.5/10

Genres: Action, Romance

Stars: Disha Patani, John Abraham, Tara Sutaria

Director: Mohit Suri

Language: Hindi

Quality: V2 HQ-HDCAMRip



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