Computer Science World Best 7 Master’s Programs


This article is for all students who have just completed their computer science UG course, so congratulations! To help with your search for the best computer science master’s programs, we have compiled a list of the top 10 schools in the world below, as well as more information on master’s degrees in computer science.

What is Computer Science?

Here is a simple explanation: It is the study of computers and their systems OR CSE deals a lot with computer software and various software systems, rather than just the physical computer. 

Master’s Degree in Computer Science

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A master’s program will let you continue your computer education at a deeper level. With a bachelor’s/ UG degree, you can definitely find jobs working in computer science, but you can find even more jobs, and often higher-paying jobs, with a master’s degree. A Master’s Degree in CSE gives you more authority when meeting with potential employers.

Advantages of Master’s program

  • You’ll have an advantage at tech hubs.
  • You’ll be able to move up as a specialist.
  • You’ll get a return on your financial investment—fast.
  • You’ll have a strong foundation to work in many different industries.

Top 7 Computer Science Master’s Programs in the World

University of Oxford

Oxford University, in Oxford, United Kingdom, offers an M.S.c. in CS. This program requires taught modules as well as a dissertation of up to 30,000 words.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, US, MIT is commonly known as one of the best tech universities in the world. While they do offer a master’s program for computers, it is not a terminal program. This means that it is only offered to those who completed their undergrad at MIT and you are required to do a research thesis.


Located in Stanford, California, US, Stanford University offers two variations of a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. One is intended to be terminal, meaning it will not lead to a Ph.D., while the other has a distinction in research, making it possible for students to later pursue a Ph.D.

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In Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard offers a Ph.D. in computer sciences and a Master’s Degree in Computational Science and Engineering specifically for those interested in a Ph.D. from Harvard and wanting to apply directly to their master’s program.

University of California- Berkeley

Commonly known as “Berkeley,” this school in Berkeley, California, US, offers an MSc in CS, putting an emphasis on research experience.

University of Toronto

Finally, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we have the University of Toronto offering an M.S.c. program focusing on taught coursework as well as one large research paper. 

Let’s now move on to what careers you can pursue upon completion of your Master’s Degree in CS.

 University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge, located in Cambridge, United Kingdom, offers two variations of a master’s degree: an M.Phil (Master’s of Philosophy) and an M.Eng (Master’s of Engineering), both with a concentration in CS. Both require taught modules as well as a research project.