Computer Science Engineering Roadmap Plan 2022


Congratulation ! on being a part of Computer science engineering journey . This branch specifically includes the study of computers, programming language, data structure, and algorithms, etc., above words, are new to you, don’t bother soon you will be a part of them. Give time and practice regularly, you can be a part of topmost companies if YOU FOLLOW THE GIVEN BELOW POINTS IN a BALANCE WAY, ALL THE BEST:


1.Understand Basic Computer Science Engineering Skills

Being a Computer science student, computer skills first comes to their dictionary. Skills are easy to learn which needs you and your time.
BASIC SKILLS -What is a computer, its type, data, types of devices, and memory storage. Make yourself familiar with the system and be consistent with the work and enhances the practice of basic skills.

2. Learn Programming Languages In A Steady Way

In the first year, you will study C language from that your basic concepts will clear, if you do it on daily basis give 1hr to 2hr, soon you will start enjoying. Learning C-Programming language is like the way you learning English. Remember childhood when we used to learn Alphabets then words then sentences and then grammar, similarly programming you will learn. After 1st year you will learn languages like C++, Java, JavaScript, and python .which are interesting and needs the basics of C . Do not try to cram instead make your system in a systematic way.

3. Write Code Daily

HELLO WORLD! will be your first program in C, for instance. Code is that way to communicate with your computer and tell your system to work on a particular task. Start giving time to screen and practice! Join online sources, attend webinars, or which makes you share and think upon ideas, ask doubt, and get results on your system. Always try to Continue with the learning process and repeat steps if needed.

4. Get Advantage Of All Resources Available

Keep enrolled in a different online resource that meant for your domain, which helps you to learn languages, skills, algorithms, logic, and syntax. So these resources explore your knowledge and experience and make you a good developer. Start using applications like Geeks for Geeks, Quora, Evernote, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Murmur.

5. Start Using Competitive Sites

Computer Science Engineering need time at least 2hrs with the system. You can enroll yourself in the different tasks on online modes during learning of languages. This will improves skills and soon you can share codes with friends and take help from senior students. In college do make groups in which everyone can share ideas and perform an action on that. On competitive sites, you can compete and motivate yourself. Sites like these: GitHub, W3Schools, and Codecademy, for instance.

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6. Develop Skills by Competition

Through competitions, you can easily understand where to work hard. This helps in improving problem-solving skills. Which companies want in a single student that’s why most of the companies take the coding stage as the first task to check how good problem-solving skills and command on concepts. The base knowledge of a programmer is to solve tasks, so keep coding.

7. Work On Communication And Writing Skills

Communication and Writing Skills are the main part of the four-year engineering course. The first impression is the last impression. Keep active in college events, clubs and take part in every competition, this helps to manage time in every condition. This helps a lot at a time of PLACEMENTS on-campus or off-campus, good communication and writing skills help to put yourself best to the interviewer by which you can get the best placement.

8. Learn By Making Projects

Learning languages is not enough for a Computer Science student. Give time to the system and try to write some code in a different way. If you find something not working try to dry run the program or search on it and read and learn on that topic. Start to participate in online contests make projects with friends it will help you to discuss ideas and improve communication skills not only with friends but also with teachers. Projects make you think and work upon a particular task.

9. Good Internships Good Placements

After getting knowledge from different courses and languages, apply for internships through different sites. In the 3rd year of b-tech you have to get an intern and by which you can get a stipend and get the experience of how to work as a team. This teaches you how to build a good attitude towards colleagues and the certificate of Internship helps a lot during your placement time.

10. Do Not Wait For Deadline

Computer Science Engineering is a branch in which you need to focus on both assignments, practical and time with the system, doing before the deadline is good enough. In CSE first, you need to learn and understand from any sort of medium. Then you must do practical, this improves problem-solving skills, grip on both side academics and system support. Studying one night before the exam will not work, so take care of that.

11. Grades Matters But Skills Matters More

If skills are good then you can easily score good grades. Skills and grade both matter but at the time of placements interviewer focus more on your skills, the way you understand the problem, the first step for that, and how optimized your code is. All things count on that point.

12. Explore Life Happily

When we start working in a balanced way things will come to us as we want, Four years is a great time and platform in which you will enjoy with your friends, taking part in college activities/events, do clubbing, follow your passion in free time. Every day doesn’t forget to talk with a great man i.e. YOU, The best way to get confidence and attitude.