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Bhuvan Bam’s Dhindora story centers around a middle-class family comprising Babloo, Janki, and Bhuvan, their daily life, dreams, and aspirations. Things take a 360-degree turn in several ways when Babloo wins a lottery jackpot.

Dhindora, meaning ‘beating the drums’ or ‘tomtom’ aptly conveys the crux of the show revolving around Bhuvan, a collegian aspiring to become a singer, his mother Janki, and his father Babloo, who’s awaiting a promotion and salary hike at his workplace. The story shifts gears when Babloo, who gets a promotion but also a pay-cut, wins a lottery jackpot, and consequently affects the life of everyone in their universe.

While only the first episode is out for the audience, this review is based on the first four episodes. Titles like Lag Gayi, Baasi Roti, Nano Thug Lenge, and State Sherlock convey the idea of the 15-to-22 minutes-long episodes.

Starting on an interesting note, the screenplay by Bhuvan, Abbas Dalal, and Hussain Dalal gets predictable at times and the drug-beating seems to be fading by the end of the fourth episode, making you wonder what they were thinking. On the plus side, the dialogues, though quirky and chuckle-worthy, are incorporated with a good dose of expletives. So, ironically, this story of a family can’t be viewed with the family for its generous use of Gali-galoch.

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Those acquainted with Bhuvan Bam’s BB Ki Vines will be familiar with the multiple characters the YouTuber plays, from Bhuvan, his mother Janki, father Babloo, mama Titu to his friends Bhanchoddas, Sameer Fuddi, and even the college teacher. He continues to essay them with the same ease and conviction without letting anyone overlap or overshadow the other. However, the lack of perfection in the looks of his many characters is obvious.

Anoop Soni plays himself, as an extension of his narrator’s part from the small screen’s Crime Patrol. Gayatri Bharadwaj lends due support as Tara, an interning doctor, and Bhuvan’s love interest, though you feel Rajesh Tailang is wasted in the role of the moneylender Parishad.

The production values are decent and the Capital has been appropriately used in the narrative. The soundtrack is an interesting mix. The title song, Dhindora, composed by Sneha Khanwalkar and rendered by Kailash Kher, and Bhuvan’s creations like Saazish, with vocals by Rekha Bhardwaj and Ban Gayi Zindagi add value to the show.

To sum up, Bhuvan Bam’s Dhindora is an interesting watch for the way it narrates the everyday life of middle-class families with their typical idiosyncrasies. It also shows a mirror to the general attitude and behavior of people around, even in crisis situations.

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Bhuvan Bam's Dhindora
Bhuvan Bam’s Dhindora

IMDB Rating: 9.7/10

Genre: Comedy

Language: Hindi

Release Date: 14 October 2021

Bhuvan Bam’s Dhindora No. of Episodes: 8

Stars: Bhuvan Bam, Gayatri Bhardwaj, Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

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Dhindora Episode 1 – Lag Gayi

Babloo and his family lead an ordinary life, one day by a stroke of luck, he wins a lottery of 11 Crore.

Dhindora Episode 2 – Baasi Roti

Bablooji has met with a lethal accident and is admitted to a hospital, the rest of the family comes to know about the lottery. Will Babloo survive the fatal accident?

Dhindora Episode 3 – Nano Thug Lenge 

The neighbors visit Babloo to congratulate him on his ‘win’. Sameer, Bhuvan, and Bancho go to interrogate a possible suspect. It’s love at first sight for Bhuvan when he meets Dr. Tara. Janki calls Titu Mama for help.

Dhindora Episode 4 – Saste Sherlock 

Titu Mama manages to solve his problem and be there for the family. Babloo is discharged and is greeted by the neighbors waiting for him at home. Love is in the air for Bhuvan. A famous detective helps the trio to find something suspicious.

Dhindora Episode 5 – Erection In Progress

We come to know who caused the accident and drama ensue. The local minister promises to build a statue of Babloo Ji in the park. Detective Mangloo shares a crucial piece of evidence that could lead to the true perpetrator.

Dhindora Episode 6 –  DTYDHTB

Hola gets beaten for what he did and gives up his confession. Bhuvan comes to know that his father Mr. Babloo has been acting all along and hasn’t actually lost his memory.

Dhindora Episode 7 – Toota Ek Taara

The truth shocks the family and all hell breaks loose. Bhuvan delivers a thought-provoking monologue. Babloo and his family slowly begin to move on from the tragedy. Bhuvan’s unsure of his future with Tara.

Dhindora Episode 8 – Samay Ka Pahiya

Bablooji is given some more bad news and is fired from his office but Fate is not done with him just yet.

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Bhuvan Bam’s Dhindora Official Music Video

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