BGMI 2.0 update expected release date, new features, and patch notes revealed

The 2.0 update in BGMI will release soon
The 2.0 update in BGMI will release soon

Modified 12 May 2022 FEATURE

Periodic updates in BGMI induce a massive craze amongst players and fans across the country. They wait in anticipation to use the new features of any new update. This prompts Krafton to add new content that elevates the Battle Royale experience for users.

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It has already been a couple of months since the ongoing 1.9 updates were released. Hence, everyone in the gaming community is eagerly waiting for Krafton to release the 2.0 major update.

What is the expected date and time of BGMI’s upcoming 2.0 update?

The new 2.0 update in Battlegrounds Mobile India is expected to be released sometime between today and May 15, with May 13 being the most plausible date. Krafton released the patch notes last night in both Hindi and English, highlighting that the update is right around the corner.

Furthermore, since the ongoing Micro Battle RP will conclude on May 18, players can expect the update within the mentioned time frame, following the norm of a new update’s release 5-6 days before the conclusion of the ongoing RP.

Updates generally begin rolling out at 4:00 PM IST for iOS users and 11:00 AM for Android users.

Note: The mentioned date and time for the 2.0 update’s release are estimated based on previous updates.

What are the new features and changes that BGMI players can witness in the upcoming 2.0 update?

Like other updates in the game, the upcoming 2.0 update is set to surpass players’ expectations. With the patch notes already released, it is known that the update is set to introduce a plethora of new content that will massively boost the players’ gameplay experience.

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Here’s a look at the features that BGMI players can experience in the upcoming 2.0 update.

1) The new official version of Livik.

  • Advanced Supply Zone
  • Treasure hunt
  • Football challenge
  • High-flying vehicles challenges
  • Ziplines
  • Herbs
  • Recall Tower
  • Firearm Depot
  • Herbs

2) Cycle 2 Season 6 and Month 11 Royal Pass

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3) Battlegrounds Mobile India x Evangelion Discovery theme.

4) New all-terrain vehicle – UTV.

5) XT weapon-purchasing feature.

6) New gameplay and features – unfinished RP missions highlighted on the in-match tab and magazine capacity bar.

7) New Ban Pan system.

7) Basic improvements to controls and UI.

8) MG3 gun in Metro Royale mode.

9) Emergency pickup

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