4 Best game Ball To Play Gully Cricket Game


The best game ball to play gully or backyard cricket game.

1. Jelly ball or wind ball

game ball
best game ball

The jelly game ball is an unbreakable soft-touch ball for Gully Cricket, Game of Catch, and throw, this ball makes your game enjoyable and Exciting. These colorful balls are great for your regular game– catch and throw practice, backyard cricket, or any other game of your fun. Easy to search in case misplace because of its color shine. This ball features a jelly-like softcore, so you can be sure of using this durable ball for months on end.

Why it is best game ball?

  • Unbreakable or Less wear and tear than regular or tape balls.
  • Suitable for all kinds of weathers Perfect for Indoor/Outdoor Cricket Play.
  • Superb Durability and long life.
  • Perfect for beginners who want to learn swing and spin.
  • perfect bounce and easy to hit.
  • Produces the best cricketing sound.
  • Best for the team game
  • Perfect size and weight for optimum bounce

Age group: Junior and Senior
Material: Soft Rubber with a furry felt cover
PRICE: Rs 120 per ball


The green Tennis ball is a good sport for all age groups, and its color is amazing. Children love to play with this ball because of its lightweight and bounce. This ball uses in both cricket and lawn tennis. This is a great worth of money, Heigh in jumping and great quality of product, use in professional matches.


  • High-Quality Natural Rubber offers a consistent feel and reduced shock.
  • Interlocked wool fiber for longer wear; deep elastic seams prevent cracking.
  • Ideal For Kids.
  • Ideal For Playing gully Cricket game.
  • Pressurized green tennis balls are slightly slower and easier to hit
  • Balls bounce 25 percent lower than a standard tennis ball
  • Perfect for full-size courts, driveways, and playgrounds

Brand: Nivia, Cosco, and Wilson
Age group: Junior and Senior
Colour: Green
Price: Rs 140 per ball


A red tennis cricket game ball is perfect for ground cricket. The ball is made of high-quality rubber that gives it optimum strength. This red ball features a hardcore that resists softening, so you can be sure of using this durable ball for weeks on end. Since the Nivia cricket ball is approved by the Tennis Ball Cricket Federation of India, you can be sure it is safe for your kids to use a heavy-weight tennis cricket ball that is perfectly round and has an optimal weight for that perfect bounce.


  • The furry outer cover gives you a good grip on the ball.
  • This high-quality felt cover also protects the heavy-weight tennis cricket ball from excessive wear and tear.
  • The shining bright red color, and enjoy hours of fun playing cricket.
  • Heavyweight ball to simulate the feel of a leather cricket ball.
  • Durable material for long-lasting fun.
  • Optimal flight and bounce
  • Highly durable and Anti-friction surface

Brand: Nivia, and Cosco
Age group: Senior
Colour: Green
Price: Rs 385 per ball


Get a feel of the game with this rubber ball, and with an effective bounce which is facilitated by the innovative design of these rubber balls, providing highly effective bowling practice sessions. It has been designed to recreate the look and feel of real balls to effectively prepare your bowlers ahead of a genuine run-up.


  • Made from high-quality rubber materials.
  • Great to play outdoor games with friends i.e. Catch and throw, backyard cricket, or any other fun game.
  • Suitable for all kinds of weather.
  • Less Durability as compare to others.
  • Dog Practice Ball
  • Good bounce due to innovative design

Brand: Elen, ‎Credence, and more
Age group: Junior and Senior
Colour: multi-color
Price: Rs 40 per ball


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