Apple plans to make iPhone in India from late Oct or Nov 2022


With New Apple iPhone, India Will Start Closing Tech Gap With China


This time, made-in-India iPhone 14 will compete with made-in-China. Apple Inc plans to start manufacturing iPhone 14 in India about two months after the product’s initial release in China, narrowing the gap between the two countries but not closing it completely as some had anticipated.

The company has been working with suppliers to ramp up production in India and shorten the lag in manufacturing new iPhones from the typical six to nine months for previous launches, the report said on Tuesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

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According to the report, Apple’s Taiwan-based supplier Foxconn has studied the process of shipping items from China and assembling the iPhone 14 at its plant outside the southern Indian city of Chennai.

Apple and Foxconn ultimately determined a simultaneous start in India and China isn’t realistic this year, although it remains a long-term goal, said the people.

Production of the first iPhone 14s from India is likely to be completed in late October or November, the report added.


The first iPhone 14s from India are likely to be finished in late October or November, following the initial September release, they said. An ambitious target would be Diwali which begins on October 24, one person told the news agency.

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Apple did not immediately respond to Reuters’ request for comment. The company has been shifting some areas of iPhone production from China to other markets including India, the world’s second-biggest smartphone market, and is also planning to assemble iPad tablets there.

India and countries such as Mexico and Vietnam are becoming increasingly important to contract manufacturers supplying American brands as they try to diversify production away from China.

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