5 Topmost Career in IT profession in 2022-In demand


As the IT profession sector is growing rapidly it offers a lot of career options for an individual to get professional in his/her field. IT profession career offers high salaries, promising employment growth, and excellent satisfaction ratings. These tech jobs also boast competitive benefits packages, including health care insurance, retirement plans, and other perks. Technological breakthroughs and fast digitalization are rapidly rendering established job profiles redundant to current market demands.

Most in-demand IT Profession in 2022

Job25th percentile50th percentile75th percentile95th percentile
Security professional (information, systems, network, data, cloud)$124,250 (information); $100,000 (systems); $105,500 (network); $112,500 (data)$149,000 (information); $120,500 (systems); $124,500 (network); $134,000 (data)$179,000 (information); $143,500 (systems); $148,250 (network); $159,750 (data)$213,000 (information); $168,500 (systems); $174,500 (network); $190,000 (data)
Cloud architect$121,000$146,000$174,500$202,250
Database administrator$79,750$100,750$120,500$160,000
Programmer analyst$88,750$109,500$131,000$154,500
Systems analyst$81,250$96,500$115,500$136,750
Mobile applications developer$112,750$135,750$161,750$189,750
Software developer$97,250$118,250$138,000$165,000
DevOps engineer$97,000$120,000$143,000$184,750
Top IT proffesion

5 Top IT Profession In 2021-To Choose Carrer

Mobile App Developer

The mobile platform is in high demand for businesses looking to take the next step toward success. Mobile app creation necessitates a thorough understanding of how to create programs that are compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and other common operating systems. They are generally programmers with advanced knowledge in UX design, troubleshooting, debugging, and development. The mobile app developer is responsible for developing, testing, and deploying mobile apps, with an emphasis on building a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, in the business, a mobile developer with a deep understanding of Objective C, HTML, XML, and JavaScript are desirable.

How much can you earn? (source- IT Profession: Glassdoor)

$162,000Senior Position $113,000Middle Position $111,000Junior Position

  • Bachelor’s degree in CS or relevant field
  • Some experience in mobile development
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills

Cyber security professional

Due to a rapid rise in cybercrime, there has been a sharp increase in cybersecurity spending as it has become a top priority among business leaders. Many security issues have also arisen from hybrid working, with many professionals having to work remotely for extended periods. 

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The demand for security specialists to secure data, information, systems, networks, and the cloud is rapidly increasing in order to keep the firm safe from possible threats or cyber-attacks. Companies often want specialists who can develop security policies and processes as well as monitor threats and vulnerabilities.

Skills and Experience:

  • Managing security audits, threats, and vulnerabilities
  • Knowledge of compliance laws and regulations for the industry
  • Ability to communicate and implement security policies and procedures
  • Experience with security systems and documenting failures and other incidents

Cloud architect

A cloud architect oversees a company’s cloud computing architecture. Cloud computing systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated. To manage cloud storage, it is required to have strong cloud architecture and an architect to handle the front-end platforms, servers, storage, delivery, and networks. 

Around 81 percent of firms have a multi-cloud strategy, and 38 percent of corporations consider public cloud as their top priority in 2018 – a 29 percent increase from 2017.

Skills and Experience:

  • Collaboration and communication skills
  • Experience with scaling cloud applications
  • Understanding of cost, performance, and architecture of cloud systems
  • Knowledge of state-of-the-art cloud technologies and architectural principles


Organizations across all industries have been widely migrating to cloud solutions this year to allow for hybrid working. Initial migrations at the beginning of the pandemic were carried out very quickly to ensure all employees were online as soon as possible, this has meant organizations are now having to ensure their systems are robust and as optimised as they could and should be.

IT profession

Database administrator

A database administrator plays a key function in a business. An administrator controls backup and assures the availability of data created and consumed by a corporation since database administration encompasses everything linked to the database. A database administrator (DBA) is responsible for maintaining the software used to manage a database and ensuring the data is easily accessible to those who need it.

Skills and Experience:

  • Oracle, Linux, and SQL skills.
  • Background in IT work or database administration.
  • Data analysis and management and reporting skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree in CS or an associate’s degree in database administration.

AI/ML or IoT engineer

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As the world is making a shift towards automation, the demand for the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning engineers is increasing. These engineers deal with the area of computer science and the creation of intelligent machines that work like humans. AI, ML and IoT have become lucrative fields for IT professionals. Since these roles are niche-specific, they require an advanced technical background as well as hands-on experience in the field.

Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) has found applications in numerous fields like smart homes (home automation), medical & healthcare, environmental monitoring, agriculture, manufacturing, energy management, and old-age care, among other things. 

The salary of IoT professionals in India is nearly 76% higher than that of IT professionals. While IoT professionals get a median salary of Rs. 15.2 LPA, the median salary of IT professionals is around RS. 8.65 LPA.



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