Best 5+Technical Skills For Freelancer: To Work & Earn Good in 2022


If you’re looking for a better career as a freelancer this year, the first thing you should do is find and develop a technical skills and more. In this post, you will get to learn about top freelance skills you can learn this year to start a new career and earn more money as a freelancer.

Some of these skills may seem complicated or difficult, but once you understand the skills, it’s not too difficult to learn these skills. A few courses from Skillshare you can enroll in to start learning each of these skills as well. Have a look.

Best 5+Way To Became Good Developer-Great Skills, Habits, Tips & more

Web programming, JavaScript and HTML are among the most in-demand tech skills employers are looking.

Best Skills For Freelancer

Web App Development

Since the pandemic, many businesses switched to selling their products and services online. This involved transforming their websites into web apps. Many businesses such as restaurants, pizza shops, and even grocery stores used web apps to let customers shop online and get their products delivered to their homes.

This is one of the main reasons why the demand for web app development saw a rise in 2020. And it will continue to be for a long time while we are adjusting to the new normal.

Programming Languages to learn in 2022 according to experts

A great thing about web apps is that they work just like a mobile app on phones. This reduces the costs of developing native Android and iOS apps for businesses.

Recommended Courses To Learn This Skill

JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

Web development is still one of the most in-demand jobs in the freelancing markets. Specifically, JavaScript programming, as well as CSS and HTML coding skills, ranked at the top of the 15 most in-demand skills on UpWork in 2020.

JavaScript in particular was on the top of the list due to many brands and businesses experimenting with interactive elements on their websites. This could be the perfect year to improve your JavaScript skills and leverage the opportunities in the market.

Recommended Courses To Learn This Skill

Tips to crack good package

Project Management

Project management process opened up new opportunities for freelancers as well, especially for project managers, usually in charge of managing a team, assigning tasks, and making sure projects are on the right track.

Many businesses switched to remote work during the pandemic. While a few struggled with the process, most businesses embraced this change and decided to make the switch permanent.

According to FlexJobs, project management is the 4th hottest skill to pursue this year. If you’re a people person, this may be the perfect skill for you.

Recommended Courses To Learn This Skill

Cloud Computing recommends cloud computing as the most in-demand skills to learn this year. When it comes to cloud computing, there are so many niches you can explore.

Mainly you should focus on gaining an understanding of cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and learning the skills necessary to become a cloud computing engineer or even a programmer.


Then you can seek to join SaaS (software as a Service) businesses and startups to help develop their projects. AngelList has plenty of opportunities for such professionals.

Recommended Courses To Learn This Skill

Video Production

According to the most recent survey from UpWork, Video Production is another skill that’s rising in demand.


Especially with platforms like TikTok taking over the social networking space, it’s no wonder why businesses are looking for video producers and editors to make better video content.


It’s the perfect time to learn and master your skills as a video editor if you want to be a successful freelancer.

Recommended Courses To Learn This Skill

Data Science & Analysis

Data science may sound complicated but it’s a fairly simple skill to learn.

In business, it’s mainly about helping companies analyze their sales and customer data to further improve a business.

Best 5+ Data Scientist Skills You Need 2022

Data analysts earn high-paying salaries and it’s a lucrative skill you can master. But, you also need to have additional skills to interpret data, spot patterns, and more to become skilled at data analysis.

Recommended Courses To Learn This Skill

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