5 Perfect Signs Of Having High IQ- Check Yours


Understanding IQ and it’s Signs

IQ(Intelligence Quotient) is a type of standard score that indicates how far above, or how far below, his/her peer group an individual stands in mental ability. The peer group score is an IQ of 100; this is obtained by applying the same test to huge numbers of people from all socio-economic strata of society, and taking the average. The IQ is a measurement of your intelligence and is expressed in a number.


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Happy people have higher intelligence.

The finding goes against the popular idea that being intelligent somehow predisposes people to unhappiness. The study looked at happiness in the best-known sense of feeling positive emotions and being satisfied with your life.

The results showed that people with the lowest IQ (70 – 99) were the least happy in comparison to those with the highest IQs (120 – 129).


Intelligent people are better at cooperating with others. While personality traits like being generous and conscientious have an effect on cooperation, higher IQ is the main factor that encourages people to work well together.

People with higher intelligence use more consistent strategies and consider the consequences of their actions.

That is why people with high IQs are so essential: without them society would not work.

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Managing Emotion

Everyone deals with painful or unwanted emotions from time to time. That’s a normal part of life. The way you handle those emotions can say a lot about your emotional intelligence, though.

Generally speaking, people with high emotional intelligence can:

  • Recognize complex emotions
  • understand how those emotions affect choices and behavior
  • respond to those emotions productively
  • exercise self-control to express feelings at appropriate times
  • express feelings in safe and healthy ways

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Observe and Remember

Often praised for your powers of observation? Maybe you’re not exactly Sherlock Holmes, but noticing what happens around you can still suggest intelligence.

Working memory is your ability to store and work with specific pieces of information. According to a 2010 study trusted source, it has a strong relationship with fluid intelligence.

In fact, the ability to notice and observe can relate to different types of intelligence:

  • Good eye for patterns? Maybe your observations show up in your creative work. These are elements of spatial-visual intelligence.
  • Great memory for things you read or hear? That’s your verbal-linguistic intelligence at work.
  • A deep understanding of nature may even be a type of intelligence, according to Gardner. Naturalist intelligence might show up, for example, as an innate ability to recognize patterns or changes in a natural environment.

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Strong Sense Of Self

Knowing what you need from your interactions is just one part of self-awareness. Your personal sense of identity also relates to your perception of your:

  • traits and abilities
  • life values
  • key life goals and desires
  • other defining characteristics

A well-developed sense of self signals a high level of intelligence, since a strong self-identity typically means you:

  • Feel secure in who you are
  • know where your skills lie
  • have the confidence to make choices that reflect your beliefs


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