How does life support act as a 2nd insurance?


Just think about a while ” life without Support &2nd Insurance “.
When you start to think upon, your mind is not able to get a single picture of life without support. Your support is the best Insurance policy in life. Which has your own terms and conditions to handle the daily situation. The moment you thought “life with support”, your mind started the flashback and checked that every instance of your life is surrounded by support. The life cycle depends upon the support cycle. Insurance is future planning, but having a good support network helps and takes immediate action without any verification. 2nd insurance i.e our life support helps to resume life when a life support machine is not ready to take over again our body in the medical field.

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The basic and beautiful meaning of support:

LIfe support as a 2nd insurance

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“I want to be around people that do things.

I don’t want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do.

I want to be around people that dream and support and do things

-Amy Poehler



  • Nature is our TRUE INSURANCE.
  • The natural environment is our only support machine that needs your support and expects little seeds in a month.
  • Gives us a sense of well-being, peace as well as soul peace.
  • Just Study nature, love nature, stay in touch with nature. It will never let you down.


  • Without them, we can not see this beautiful world. Because of them, we are having friends, teachers, living life, and many more.
  • The first teachers act as role models in how to act and experience the world around us.
  • Their experience plays a big role in our life at every stage.
  • There is always one member in the family which knows everything about you this is called family support.

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  • Friends time is a fun time.
  • Puts a big healthy smile on our face
  • Helps to convey parents at a time of party
  • Keeps us motivated and maintains good health.
  • Avoid all-kind of loneliness and a positive mindset.


  • Walking 5km or traveling 5km in a car which one is your choice, for an instance.
  • This thing makes our life much easy and fast in most of the field.
  • Can refresh our mind in a click, as per our need.
  • The truth is that we can’t even stand for a while without any support

This 2nd insurance is made by us in life that stands with us in a way in which we stand for others. It’s really hard to imagine life without support and insurance but real-life does not exist without trusted insurance/support that leads to a happy and successful life. It’s a kind of feeling that makes us move forward without any tension and thought. Support is like a tree first starts from seed then roots and then branches and then birds make their nest, and soon became their major part of life. Insurance is used to nurture this tree in need. From common man to big celebrities these terms played their role at every stage.