10 Super Useful Instagram Features You Didn’t Know Existed

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Instagram is one of the most popular apps on cellular devices and the most famous image-sharing app in existence. Since its inception in 2010, the app has pioneered the way users share images. Some features Instagram has given its users include filters, location tags, and most recently, Reels.

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However, with competitors making their own innovations Instagram has kept adding features to lead the way, sometimes, these features may be missed by the casual user.

Find Liked Posts

Sometimes a user may remember a post they liked, however, because they didn’t save it, it may seem impossible to find in the feed. Luckily, Instagram has noted this as frustration to its user base.

Instagram saves the last 300 liked posts, allowing users to go back to their recent likes. By going to the menu, click settings followed by the account button. Under “Posts You’ve Liked”, users can scroll back in their liked history.

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Hide Hashtags On Stories

Increasing organic traffic is a surefire way to build a following. Adding a handful of hashtags can accomplish this, however, few users want a story that is covered with hashtags.

Fortunately, there are different techniques to hide them. The first method involves squeezing hashtags to make them small and hiding them in the corner of the story. Another method is covering the hashtags with a GIFor sticker, and the third method is the cleanest. Write the hashtag on the bold background of the story, then, use the brush and color over the hashtag with the same color as the background.

Inactive Accounts Can Be Unfollowed

A common occurrence, many accounts are abandoned or are “bots”. Those old high school friends may appear on the following list, but they have been inactive for years. Accounts a user may follow could have been abandoned for a variety of reasons.

Thankfully, Instagram offers its users a simple way to sort out the least interacted-with accounts. Time management is something everyone wishes they were better at, and Instagram helps speed up the unfollowing process by selecting via “bulk”. Simply go to “Profile” and then select “Following”, from here a user can see all the accounts they follow. On this screen, a list should appear that features “Least Interacted With” accounts. This is done by a measure of sixty days. After this step, a user simply clicks on the “Following” button and removes the account from their feed.

Organize Favorite Filters

One of Instagram’s most coveted features is its filters. These have given users the ability to transform otherwise ordinary pictures. However, with the abundance of filters, a favorite may be hard if not impossible to find.

Before posting a photo or video, select the filters. By holding down on the chosen filter, the user can move it to its desired position. On the other hand, if a filter is unwanted, the user can drag the filter to where it reads “Drag to Hide”.

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Tailored Quick Responses

While the average Instagram user may not need the ability for mass-tailored responses, large accounts could benefit from this feature. Accounts with a large following may want to engage with their followers but simply cannot respond to all of them, and on the other hand, sometimes getting the creative juices flowing in writing is not in the cards.

Instagram features “Quick Replies”. When responding to comments, users can select the “Attach” button and then click on Quick Replies from the drop-down menu. Here the user can select a rapid response reply tailored to their followers. The message auto-fills in where users have the option to edit or send it as is.

Manage Multiple Accounts From The Same Device

Whether it be a personal account and a business account, or an account for a favorite pet, Instagram users have the ability to switch from multiple accounts. What once required a user to log out and log in with the alternate credentials can now be done with the double tap of a button.

From the profile icon, select the gear. On Android devices, users will need to top the three horizontal lines to the top right of their screen. Scroll to the bottom and select “add account.”, from here simply double tap the profile picture, and it will switch between accounts.

Hide Or Disable Comments

While other social media platforms may carry a more “anything goes” experience, Instagram is tailored specifically to your choosing. In fact, Instagram’s communication features are proving to be just as great as Twitter’s. While this originally meant the feed you will view, it now also means all the interactions users have.

To disable comments by keyword, navigate to the “options” tab and select “comments.” From here, users can hide inappropriate comments and even enter specific keywords that will be automatically removed. Deleting comments remains the same, simply hold onto the desired text and swipe left, and a garbage icon will appear.

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Sell Products Using Shoppable Posts

One of the newer features Instagram has implemented has been gaining traction. For many years, users may have loved a product featured on a post but found it a hassle to find it, or could not find it at all. Users have the ability to tag products and direct viewers to a product page.

This feature can be used by small and large accounts alike. First, users need to create an Instagram Business account to publish shippable posts. Simply go to “Edit Profile” and tap “Try Instagram Business Tools” to get started.

Add Special Characters In Your Bio

A little flare in an Instagram bio can make users stand out, potentially giving them an increase in followers and interactions. While coding has become a much-needed skill, users won’t need it to figure out how to add these unique characters to their bio. While a normal keyboard may feature some special characters, some of the more advanced ones need a different approach.

To add these special characters, users can open a Google Doc or Word document, type out their bio in the document and select “Insert”. When the user has found the areas to insert these special characters, they can find “Advanced Symbol”. From here, they simply copy and paste the new bio into the Instagram account and tap done.

Follow Hashtags

At the beginning of Instagram, users had a customized feed featuring posts of those they follow, however, as the Instagram user-base has grown to unprecedented numbers, users may want to keep up with the latest trends or areas of interest.

To follow hashtags, tap on the “search” icon, from here, search for whatever hashtag that suits your interest. When the particular hashtag is selected, tap “Follow”, from here on outposts that feature this hashtag will show on the main feed.


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